Hi! My name is Mary, and I'm grateful that you've taken the time to visit my site. My story goes a little like this: About two years ago, I'd just gotten settled into my public accounting job, plugging away, when I was confronted with the notion that life is short. Panic ensued; number crunching is not how I want to spend my breath of a life. 

I assessed the values I hold most dear in search of a new purpose. I was raised to appreciate the creation that is nature and all that it encompasses. Mountains, trees, fresh air, and wild beauty that grows from the earth make my soul come alive. I'm in awe of the little wonders that are flowers. I've been making things with my hands since I can remember. I love people, relationships and marriage. I think weddings are an extraordinarily beautiful thing-- two people become one. It's a divine mystery. With the revelation that I could use these passions to create arrangements that express love and joy for other people, I decided to take a leap into the realm of floral design. 

My aesthetic is wild, characterized by asymmetry, balance and large, petal filled  blooms that tie it all together. Rather than stripping flowers of their leaves and fitting them in a mold, I forage branches and other ingredients to create a natural canvas to showcase the delicate elements. I think it is essential to maintain the natural, organic movement that is inherent to a flower, vine or branch.

Floral design allows me to intimately enjoy the natural elements I'm inspired by and to showcase God's beautiful creations. My hope is to dream and collaborate with you and bring your vision to life! I currently call Atlanta, GA home, and I love to travel.  Please feel free to send me a message, and we can start dreaming of flowers for your event or space!